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Our Mission

Wandering Sailors initiative advocating for cleaner oceans and green tech in the marine industry. Embarking on a multi year adventure, aboard a zero emission sailing catamaran in 2023.

We are a green company with a focus on sustainable plastic free products that are good for the environment with a carbon neutral values mission and vision. 

Mergull NFT

Welcome to the “Mergulls” mint presented by the Wandering Sailors initiative.


Each mint is 0.017 ETH

Mergulls holders benefit from special pricing in our curated range

of up-cycled ECO lifestyle products and clothing, as well as a variety of

activities including but not limited to:

Sailing on our ECO Catamaran 

Sailing certification courses

Sailing regattas

Product giveaways

Impact & sustainability projects

Green Juices

Mergulls on Chia 

The Mergulls are now available for 0.6 XCH, we look forward to welcoming you on our epic ECO adventure. 

"Harness the power of a greener blockchain providing greater security, value, efficiency and significantly less power consumption"

Mergulls creator authenticity DID:  


Everyone needs a Smart Bottle

With our Smart Water Bottle, you can stay hydrated all day long, track your daily water intake, sports activities and reduce your carbon footprint - all at the same time! Plus, the mobile app will motivate and encourage you to drink more water, so you can crush your hydration goals and feel like a superhero.


So, ditch those single-use plastic water bottles and make the switch to our Smart Water Bottle. We can all do our part in creating a more sustainable and healthier planet, and still feel like we're winning at life. 

Regular price 0.048 ETH - Mergulls NFT Holders 0.042 ETH - Includes International shipping


Submit your delivery info below after mint purchase.

Hey there "wandering sailors" did you know that our oceans are drowning in single-use plastics? So let me introduce you to our Smart Water Bottle - the ultimate hydration game-changer and ocean protector.


Wandering Sailors ECO Catamaran Artist Contest

Calling all artists here is your opportunity to enter our art contest 

Main Prize:

1. All expenses sailing vacation on our ECO Catamaran in 2023 

2. Winning art will be on the physical Catamaran from launch in 2023

3. Join the crew for extended travel

4. International Sailing Association certification

5. Digital Art Bundle from the project Treasure Chest

Blank catamaran template and submissions can be found under "Fun Zone"

Wandering Sailors channel in the Sketchy Labs Discord



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"This project was created thanks to the support from the Open Devs Crew, Hashlips community, Chia Network and their tools".

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